Surprise new custodian of the Cornish manor has a clear-out

Mid-18th century ‘undress cap’ – £2200 at David Lay.

The story of Cornish care worker Jordan Rogers, who proved he was the illegitimate son and legitimate heir to a £50m Penrose mansion, made national headlines in May. It also had a knock-on effect in the auctioneering world.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Terence Ryle

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The 31-year-old is sorting out some of the treasures of the Porthleven house, the first tranche of which provided 56 items at David Lay’s (18% buyer’s premium)1780- lot sale in Penzance on June 20-21.

They included a London 1666 silver porringer and cover with the maker’s mark WW over a fleur-de-lis and engraved to the rim 1688 IR HR and HR 1721. The initials represent members of the Rogers family who occupied Penrose House since the late 17th century.

With additional repoussé and chased decoration showing a lion and a dog the bombé lower body, the 8in (20cm) high vessel, deemed in remarkably good condition, took a mid-estimate £2600.

The surprises came among 25 items of early clothing found in the mansion which generally flew beyond estimates.

Among these were a mid-18th century gentleman’s blue silk ‘undress cap’ and early 18th century shoes.

The cap, lavishly embroidered with foliate designs and in good condition, was estimated at £100-150 and sold at £2200.

The early 18th century fine cream fabric shoes, with embroidery of silver thread and spangles and floral motifs, were pitched at £1000-1200 and made £2400.