In every work of art, the artist himself is present. Christian Morgenstern, German author and poet
I collect antiques. Why? Because they're beautiful. Broderick Crawford, American actor
Collecting is my joy; it gives me great satisfaction. Ursula Andress, Swiss film and television actress
It is no wonder if Art frequently prefers Illusion to Truth: for Illusion is her servant, but Truth her mistress. Richard Garnett, De Flagello Myrtes
I love history. Everything is inspired by history, so that's why I love vintage and antiques. Kelly Wearstler, American designer
It has been common knowledge to informed collectors that many times the finest and rarest art glass is found unsigned. James Lafferty, American actor, director and producer
Art is at least in part a way of collecting information about the universe. Rebecca West, British author
My favourite finds are often antique pieces with a history. Alice Temperley, Fashion designer