Comics are not only pieces of entertainment but over the decades, they accrued in value as they got older. People collect comics for various reasons, from completing a series to just having them as a keepsake for nostalgia. Instead of going out of fashion, they became collectable and pricey antiques. The existence of comics dates as far back as the 1930s, making them antiques by definition. However, some comics are not necessarily over 80 years old, yet still, fall in this class and are usually referred to as vintage comics. Preservation of legendary authors and artists, their memories and their works is a milestone achieved by preserving the comics.

Roger McLay was not only a designer; he was also a builder. He used to build the designs that he made himself. At his apprenticeship, McLay learned lithography, a printing method, which was his first foray into design. McLay got interested in industrial design when he was on his way to Europe to join the RAAF. He had a stopover in New York where he saw, in one of the museums, a display of the famous Studebaker motor car by industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Roger McLay may not be as prominent a figure as some of his contemporaries, but he did leave his mark on the Australian design landscape.