Moorcroft shows Australian appeal

Moorcroft fambé Watarah vase – £8000 at Kingham & Orme.

While British studio potters were battling to break through in the 1930s, established factories, even Moorcroft, were struggling to survive the Great Depression.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Terence Ryle

Moorcroft fambé Watarah vase – £8000 at Kingham & Orme.

Aware that Australians had been buying his output since the early days, William Moorcroft aimed to build the market there with works of specific appeal such as the flambé Waratah vase, above.

Illustrating the native flower, as with other Australian-themed pieces it had little success in the UK where the designs were considered ‘too foreign’. But the range was a huge success Down Under and today is sought by Moorcroft collectors round the globe.

By some distance the best of the 85 pieces of Moorcroft offered at Kingham & Orme (20% buyer’s premium) in Evesham on May 3-4, the 7½in (19.5cm) tall vase was estimated at £4000-6000.

Against Australian competition, it sold to a UK collector at £8000.