Medieval drinking vessel takes £4400 at Mitchells

Continental silver wassail bowl - £4400 at Mitchells.

Originally medieval drinking vessels, wassail bowls became highly decorative status symbols by the 19th century as this large silver-mounted walnut example shows.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Roland Arkell

Offered at Mitchells (20% buyer’s premium) in Cockermouth on November 29, the 11in (28cm) high Continental piece with applied roundels, coats of arms and war trophies between embossed lion-mask handles was engraved Foy Pour Devoir MDCVI and all the silver metal struck with the initials Ml.L.

An intriguing label said the bowl was Lord Allendale’s silver wedding present to my father C[harles] Sligo De Pothonier they together financed(?) King Edward.

Pitched at £500-800, in fine condition save a small split to the bottom of the bowl, it attracted countrywide interest before selling to the local trade at £4400.