Jewels come in from the cold at £68,000

16th century pendant – £20,000 at Kidson-Trigg.

Thirty pieces of antiquarian jewellery discovered next to a joint of meat in an old freezer were sold for £68,000 at Kidson-Trigg near Highworth, Swindon.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Laura Chesters

16th century pendant – £20,000 at Kidson-Trigg.

Among the highlights of the November 13 sale was a 16th century green enamel and ruby and pearl ‘Pelican in her Piety’ pendant and chain that was hammered down at £20,000.

The collection of Renaissance and later jewels including gold and silver rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and brooches came from a local deceased estate (see NewsATG No 2416).

Many of the pieces had receipts from their purchase in the 1960s, including this pendant (above) which was bought at a Christie’s sale in May 1964.

The discovery of the jewels next to a joint of lamb in the chest freezer were not the only items of value from the run-down home of the former owner.

A selection of the antiquarian jewellery offered at Kidson-Trigg.

The auction house had already discovered and auctioned off gold bullion found in the walls of the house and earlier this year two Old Master paintings were sold at auction. The pictures, sold in May, included a still-life by Flemish painter Frans Snyders (1579- 1657) that was hammered down at £300,000.