‘Dragon’ charger flexes its wings

Famille rose ‘dragon’ charger from the Guangxu period sold for £27,000 at Brown & Turner's auction.

A generation ago pieces such as this splendid 20in (50cm) famille rose ‘dragon’ charger from the Guangxu period (1874-1908) were valued chiefly as decorative objects. However, appreciation of the best quality porcelain produced in the last years of the Qing continues to grow.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Roland Arkell

This piece was probably made for the imperial household: it is painted to the centre with two orange five-claw dragons within a border of precious objects and peonies.

It came for sale at Brown & Turner (17.5% buyer’s premium) of Jedburgh on September 28, the property of a client in Northumberland, with an estimate of £500-800.

Six internet and eight phone bidders provided some lively competition before it was sold to a UK bidder on the phone at £27,000.