CS Lewis and Keynes among Oxford highlights

A 1930 first of John Maynard Keynes’ A Treatise on Money, made a record £1900 at Mallams’ auction.

A very rare and inscribed example of CS Lewis’ first published work, a 1919 collection of verses previewed ATG No 2377, was sold recently in Oxford for £2800. Spirits in Bondage was part of the extensive book section of a January 30-31 sale at Mallams (23% buyer’s premium).

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Ian McKay

Other highlights included a couple of John Maynard Keynes lots – one of them a 1930 first of A Treatise on Money, the two volumes (one shown above right) still in the dust jackets, which made a record £1900.

A 1923 first of JMK’s Tract on Monetary Reform was part of a five-piece job lot that followed, but an 1871 first of WS Jevons’ Theory of Political Economy would most likely have accounted for the much higher than predicted sum of £2000 needed to secure it.