Bidders warm to rare globes

Dominion petrol pump globe – £13,000 at Richard Edmonds.

Bringing the highest price yet at one of Richard Edmonds’ (20% buyer’s premium) specialist Petroliana and Automobilia sales in Chippenham was a rare petrol pump globe.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Terence Ryle

The Dominion lantern-shaped globe was stamped Webbs Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. London and Property of Dominion Motor Spirit Co. Ltd. Returnable on Demand. It dated from the 1930s (Dominion was launched in 1923 but was quickly swallowed up by Sealand Petroleum) and was in exceptional condition.

Estimated at £5500-6500, it sold online at £13,000 in the October 18 sale. The price is among the highest for a British petrol globe and akin to the sort of mighty sums paid for rarities made in the US.

ROP Zip pump globe – £6400.

The more obscure the brand, the higher the price is the general rule in this collecting niche. A rare 1936-37 ROP ZIP example also sold well.

The Russian Oil Products company was set up in London in 1925 to sell oil imported from the Georgian Black Sea port of Batumi. It flourished in the 1930s before being bought by Regent Oil in 1948.

Another echo of Britain’s many long-forgotten many petrol firms, the Zip globe sold at a mid-estimate £6400.