Bible from 1462 on offer

A very rare and early Bible produced on moveable type by Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer is estimated at €1m at Ketterer Kunst on November 25.

The most famous book from the first years of printing using moveable type is the Bible produced by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz in the mid-1450s, but in Hamburg on November 25 Ketterer Kunst will be offering another very rare and early Bible.

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Anne Crane

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Following a legal dispute, Gutenberg’s original partner and financial backer, Johannes Fust, entered into a partnership with Peter Schöffer, a former assistant to Gutenberg, and in 1462 they produced their own version of the Bible using a typeface known as Gotica Antiqua.

Printed on parchment and notable as the first to use what became a famous colophon or printer’s device, printed in red, this prized incunable (as such early, pre-1500 printed books are known) is estimated at €1m.