Anglo-Saxon binding cornerpiece is full of value

Illuminated manuscript sales of recent times will be the subject of a future review, but seen here is something a little different in that line offered as the very first lot in a December 1 sale of such material held by Bloomsbury Auctions (25/20/12% buyer’s premium).

Extracted from Antiques Trade Gazette | Ian McKay

This silver cornerpiece from an Anglo-Saxon binding sold for £7000 at Bloomsbury Auctions.

Depicting the evangelist John (‘Iohannis’) pointing to a copy of his Gospel, this is a silver cornerpiece from an Anglo-Saxon binding thought to date from the 9th century.

In the roundel itself John’s attribute of an eagle can be seen over his shoulder, while three animal masks, which the cataloguer suggests are probably a pair of roaring boars and, pointing downwards from the roundel as seen here, a snake with bulging eyes.

Just over an inch (3cm) square, this little piece of Anglo-Saxon metalwork sold at £7000.