For over 250 years, the Royal Worcester Porcelain Company has been producing interesting and sometimes very ornate and quite lovely porcelain pieces. It all started when Dr John Wall and William Davis had been experimenting with new ways to make porcelain. Tea was just becoming a popular social drink from 1730 onwards. The pottery of 1730 would crack or shatter if subjected to boiling water. They were the first to use soap-ware in their offerings so that the English enjoy a proper cup of tea made with boiling water. Royal Worcester porcelain is collected by people over the world, and the porcelain includes some very valuable and desirable pieces.

We all grew up with at least one bike in the household. Bicycles are still the purest form of mechanical transportation for whatever reason we use them. The huge popularity of cycling spurred multiple designers and hundreds of manufacturers to give birth to the “Safety Bicycle” that still is the foundation of bike design today. By the late 1870s, bicycles were being imported to Australia. Bikes remained expensive though and a handful of brave entrepreneurs had started manufacturing in Australia. As with anything you collect, the interest comes from association with it. Some collect just to show off the bikes, some collect to ride them and many do both.